The TPO Battle

October 6 2021

So the TPO stuff between Alec and Shawn has come to a conclusion and it seems Alec has been given it for a year and I suspect in the next few days we’ll know more details about what had taken place.

If only things were filmed and unedited so we could know who said what, who was where, who done what so there’s no doubt what so ever about things.

This was all set in motion when everybody started throwing the word coward around after Vegas, TRTAA members kept mentioning it and AxaMonitor’s FB group kept mentioning the word and when kids are compared to the Hitler Youth, things aren’t going to go well.

You see Alec go on YouTube and he talks about haters and you see the enjoyment he gets from telling such stories, the movement of his head and the big smile and his biggest fans react the way he expects them to react and that makes him talk more.

It carries over in to The Real Truth About Axanar and the Axanar blog and everyone gets excited over there and perhaps go over the top in their enthusiasm.

Over at AxaMonitor’s FB group, they read and hear what goes on and they talk about it and then somebody throws a personal element in which makes somebody chime in and then a lot of people have to do it for some reason.

Soon everything devolves into just everyone saying a particular person has a mental health issue and throw around words like virtue signaling and everything else under the sun.

Play the ball and not the man, playing the man doesn’t do a damn thing especially on the internet, here’s two examples when going for the man and not the ball backfired.

In 1958, the Melbourne Football Club were going for four premierships in a row, they were supreme that year and Collingwood didn’t think they had a hope in the Grand Final (basically the Super Bowl without conferences) and when it came to the big game, Collingwood’s hard men roughed up the Melbourne’s stars and those stars decided to fight back so while they were busy doing this, Collingwood dominated the game and won by three goals and denied Melbourne the chance of sharing history with Collingwood by winning four in a row.

In 1989, Geelong tried to belt the snot out of the Hawthorn players and Hawthorn got away to a big lead in the first quarter and it could be said that Hawthorn by evening up the physical score almost threw the game away in the last but that first quarter when Hawthorn kicked goals and Geelong went the fist gave Hawthorn a big enough points cushion to win by a goal (six points).

If I was in AxaMonitor’s FB group, I wouldn’t worry about Alec’s uniform giving him the appearance of man boobs or worry about his partner or his home or his dog rescue stuff etc.

I would worry about highlighting what I think is wrong with Axanar, the contradictory statements and the $30,000 from Shoots 3 & 4 should be untouched, the things that brings up curiosity and are harder to swat away than a bunch of names and when something is called a lie or is bull, I would ask why is that a lie or is bull because there should be an answer to the belief.

Hopefully things will now settle down and life can have some sort of normality as we wait and see what November delivers as 2022 seems to be the last year of the Axanar saga.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “The TPO Battle

  1. It’s puzzling to an outsider like myself that Axanar Productions isn’t using the Ares Bridge set for their planned filming in GA. Why wouldn’t you use such a valuable asset?

    Very few physical bridge sets exist since of course they are quite expensive to build and maintain over any length of time.

    If the set isn’t needed for the shorts, why expend funds to pay to store it?

    Will Avalon be the only fan film group interested in using the set assuming its current location is amenable for actually filming a fan film?

    As for Axanar Productions, I guess they’ll have to expend time and money in CGI to electronically add images of the Ares’ bridge unless they expunge the Ares itself from the shorts.


    1. The amount of usage of the bridge set has always been up in the air, maybe they’ll use it for that shoot in early 2022 when they get their Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Limited Series, or Movie back.

      I don’t think they’re worried about funds because some person out there is always willing to throw them a couple of thousand dollars their way when they’re in a pinch.

      It will be interesting to see if Axanar goes cap in hand for funds because they should have $30,000 in the kitty since Shoots #3 and #4 had never taken place under Paul Jenkins and he hasn’t been said to have “stolen” that money too.

      Axanar Productions and Avalon seem to be glued together and Jonathan Lane appears to be part of the team now so that Axanar link is stronger.

      It will be interesting to know if anyone notices the departure of Victoria Fox from Avalon too.

      Fan films seem to flock to Axanar so Ares won’t find a shortage of business though they better hope their store sales continue to keep up with expenses.

      I wonder if Ares new location will be able to block out the sounds of car repairs going on nearby, it would be really annoying to them if somebody does some metalwork outside.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some drivers floor it leaving those businesses.


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