MTM Wrap (10/10/21)

October 10 2021

Sorry for the delay in writing, sometimes you look at what is going on in the Axanar world and go “I think that I’ll go play Quake instead” as it gets too crazy and depressing at times.

First up is that Alec and Paul recently had mediation, it appears from Alec’s words in the now moved Axanar Confidential #95 that nothing happened.

There’s a new Alec Peters interview for people to watch and those who have listened to Alec many times may know sections of it word for word like talk about the old lawsuit, thoughts on Christian Gossett etc.

On interesting sound bite was “matter of fact no one helps fan films more than me” now there’s probably a couple of people out there who would disagree with that statement based on their own deeds, there’s a lot of people out there who do good deeds for fan films quietly too.

Axanar Confidential is back and the guest for its return was Geoff Fagien who talked about Axanar and cameras and other things like production matters.

Alec now calls former director Paul Jenkins “former guy”, most specifically “we’re going to call him the former guy kind of like everyone calls Trump the former guy“.

Axanar Confidential #94 on the Axanar and Ares Studio channels was committed to the private section a couple of days but it is on the Axanar Confidential channel.

Axanar Confidential #95 was on today and Alec was joined by Dale Simpson and the two talked about Shawn O’Halloran, Carlos Pedraza and Paul Jenkins.

As you may know, the TPO order was extended in Alec’s favor and it is highly unlikely that there will be any sequels to the saga as both are undoubtedly comfortable with being far away from each other.

The Real Truth About Axanar, AxaMonitor’s FB group and After Axanar have all had robust trade in the last ten days and there is plenty of analysis and points and counterpoints to go through and sometimes to get a clear picture you have to stitch stories together from all three locations as there has been enough blocks between people to build Pyramids out of them.

So the news and analysis of the events that had occurred beforehand dominated proceedings early on the show, it appears that many feel that there is a conspiracy going on as it was raised several times on the show.

There was a lot of legal talk that is beyond my knowledge so I can’t comment on those things if they are true or not.

Carlos and Dale have both stated their versions of what happened in the court room when Carlos turned up to proceedings as Carlos was mentioned for a bit on the show.

Dale said “I leaned over to the Deputy and I said uh Excuse me Deputy, that Gentleman over there is trying to video this proceedings and he just stood up and went over to him and says sir you gotta leave and they walked out“.

Carlos when asked about what went on there on Wednesday said the following;

When I insisted on bringing the phone through the initial building security because I had filed the request two days before, which they let me through, that officer radioed the bailiff to let them know. So of course they were going to talk to me when I got there.

Carlos added on Sunday when asked for more detail

“I sat down and immediately started recording because the hearing was starting. That’s when the bailiff approached me.”

He asked me if I was an attorney, I told him I was a member of the press, and then he politely asked if we could step outside to talk.”

Outside the court room, Carlos and the Bailiff talked “about my properly submitted request for permission to record the proceedings.” Carlos reports that “They tried to track down the paperwork

“They couldn’t find it or get a hold of the judge’s administrative assistant to whom I’d faxed the form”

“So after being unable to find it they said it was ok to return to the courtroom so long as my phone was put away and turned off”.

This had taken several minutes and Carlos returned to the court room to catch the latter part of Alec’s opening statement, so there you have it the story from two perspectives.

Alec says that if he knew about Carlos and his phone recording he would “of asked the judge to hold him in contempt“.

There was some discussion by Alec and Dale about being Carlos being “tossed out”, this “tossed out” report originated from Reece Watkins who said those specific words in a post on After Axanar so that’s where that story came from.

It seems to be a simple case of a wrong choice of words, perhaps the phrase was used to heighten drama as “tossed out” sounds juicer than Carlos was taken outside the room for a chat and then returned.

Alec then talked about Paul Jenkins and said “I did not ask for this lawsuit against Paul, I did not want this lawsuit against Paul right, am I enjoying it? Hell yeah, it’s like a complex game of chess right? and right now I got all of the pieces on the board and its great, the problem is its a waste of everyone’s time, again it’s a freaking fan film, why are we wasting time, over suing, just take down the defamatory press release and give us the copyright, there is nothing he can gain, nothing he can gain“.

Every minute I have to spend on this lawsuit is time that I don’t have to spend on Axanar, right

There are parts of the settlement offer that Alec neglected to mention and there are six parts not mentioned and this was outlined on AxaMonitor which Alec mentioned the settlement was given to AxaMonitor on Axanar Confidential #95 and the terms not mentioned were;

Destroy copies of the CBS-Axanar settlement
Identify who leaked the CBS settlement to Jenkins
Remove CBS’ settlement, and all references to it, from court records.
Give up the documentary or any production featuring Peters and Axanar
Never disparage Peters, Axanar or Ares Studios.

The two that were mentioned are these ones though the first one is an expanded version of what Alec said.

Grant a license for Peters exclusively to use any Axanar-related material Jenkins worked on.

Remove Peters from all Jenkins’ published statements, along with Axanar and Ares Studios, especially the August 8 press release that’s the source of Peters’ defamation claims against Jenkins.

Paul would of received the following from Alec

  • Remove any mention of Jenkins and his production company from all sources controlled by Peters, including the Axanar website and all his YouTube channels.
  • Nix his own documentary or any other production that might be refer to Jenkins or his production company.
  • Never disparage Jenkins or META Studios, his production company.

So there you have it, those were the terms and you can read about it yourself here and it is amazing that the battle has now gone on for over a year which means that maybe time is going by quickly in this covid world.

The show was made private a couple of minutes after the show ended on the Axanar and Ares Studios channels but it still exists on the Axanar Confidential channel and in personal collections as people have recorded it because if you’re a hater you’ll never know when you’ll cop a verbal blast online and you may want a copy for posterity and some comments may come in handy in the future.

Overall, one may of gotten the impression that Shawn, Carlos and maybe to a lesser extent Paul all have big mental health issues judging by all the names and descriptions that Alec and Dale gave.

Somebody with a better understanding of American law could explain all the law talk that was on the show, I would not be confident in giving an opinion on if something was said correctly as I am not American.

Meanwhile Ares Studios’ batch of Starfleet Medical pins are a popular item on Twitter, people have expressed interest in them and have eagerly ordered some for themselves, some twitter users were horrified to find out that Ares Studios is run by Alec and regret the purchase and some potential purchasers stopped their plans after finding out who owned Ares Studios.

Alec has formally rejected going on to Trekzone citing Matt Miller’s interview with Dean Newbury as a reason, Trekzone will be alright from this rejection and will continue to have guests lined up to say their thing about issues from NASA missions to Axanar and more.

So that’s just some of the events that have taken place in the Axanar world over the last ten days, things should be quieter for a while now but every time that I say that, it doesn’t happen but I am hopeful.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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