MTM Wrap (19/10/21)

October 19 2021

Axanar’s has a new production log and fans are very enthusiastic about what they are being told about it as we get closer to November and the new film shoots take place (or is it a production restart?).

“Haters” are uncertain if the shoots will actually happen but I believe they will happen and 2022 will be the end of the Axanar saga unless something big and costly happens that forces Axanar not to happen.

It’s extremely unlikely that ViacomCBS will slam the brakes on Axanar unless Axanar Productions and/or Alec Peters breaks one part of the settlement agreement that ViacomCBS can’t let slide anymore but they don’t seem bothered at the moment.

The final composition of Axanar has people curious, is it going to copy Prelude to Axanar that was green screen and VFX with the only difference being little snippets of bridge scenes are thrown in too, remember Kate Vernon in Prelude to Axanar did not act on a bridge but instead was surrounded by green screen and later VFX.

2022 may provide the answer of the Ares bridge as all cast won’t be available until then, people will probably hope for a sizable chunk of action considering the expense of that set and all the hype surrounding it.

Ares Studios put up Axanar The Gathering Storm Featurette a couple of days ago and it amuses some people as the footage that is shown is all from the Paul Jenkins era (2019 shoots), an era that gets mocked at every opportunity.

It even has one of the actors who had her role recast after 2019 as she left the production for reasons that are not known but there is speculation out there.

There’s a new video for Ares Studios Patreon, interestingly the asking amount is still at $4,000 and that is interesting because the Studio moved locations to a cheaper place and the asking amount has stayed the same.

Do people really want to collectively spend $4000 a month on something that is not used all the time? You may get better value by donating to a project on Kickstarter or just wait for the end product come out for free.

Matt Miller interviewed Robert Meyer Burnett and RMB is a very controversial person largely due to his opinions on how Star Trek is going.

Part 2 will be released on October 20 and I can tell people that if they are looking for fireworks, that’s when you’ll see them, I have noticed that RMB always ends his chats about Axanar all fired up and show ends with a flourish.

Maybe its a YouTube thing but both Alec and RMB seem to have the knack of being really fired up at around last quarter of a show, they keep people’s attention and then wham out comes whatever gets them really going.

Meanwhile the Alec vs. Paul battle is almost at the first year anniversary mark of Alec giving Paul a settlement offer and that was silently rejected as Paul obviously did not think that the terms were generous.

So the legal battle goes on, Paul’s documentary goes on and the sun still rises in the morning and sets late in the afternoon or early evening depending on your season.

Lastly, Axanar Confidential episodes are streamed live on Axanar and Ares Studios channels but a copy is usually kept on the Axanar Confidential channel while the other streaming locations are marked private, so that’s where the videos are going.

That’s some of the action going on in the Axanar world at this moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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