MTM Wrap (3/11/21)

November 3 2021

Axanar has set a date for filming and it is November 20.

The plan at this current moment is to film in Atlanta twice and one in LA and then in Summer 2022 it will be all over.

It can be said that Axanar is not being filmed in Atlanta itself as Lawrenceville is almost a thirty-four mile drive from Atlanta.

People would have noticed an increase in posts from Axanar, the Featurette teaser video that was shown off this year is the same one that Jonathan Lane put together for release in 2020 shortly after Paul Jenkins was no longer director of the fan film.

The original copy is still there and fans and the generally curious who aren’t in the know wouldn’t know that it was originally released in 2020 and think that what they had seen is 100% fresh.

How do we know it is old? There’s a person who left the production long ago who is still in the video.

The funny thing about the Featurette is that it contains bits and pieces from the Paul Jenkins era, an era that gets ridiculed almost weekly on Axanar’s YouTube channels .

The court case between Alec Peters and Paul Jenkins has passed a year since Alec gave Paul a settlement offer that was touted as being generous.

Alec announced that Paul’s lawyers have withdrawn from the case and implies that Paul cannot pay his legal bills and while the lawyers have left, Paul does have new lawyers and the court case continues on.

Nobody apart from the participants in the court case would know what exactly is going on, Paul isn’t talking about it and Alec talks about it from time to time but no information can be verified.

Matt Miller was finally mentioned by Alec on YouTube after Carlos and Shawn or just plain “haters” dominated air time for years.

The two will not be meeting on A Trekzone Conversation, Alec left open the door during a live stream but then slammed it shut when Matt sent a follow up email.

Alec talked about Trekzone talking about Axanar all the time yet Axanar related shows have only taken up 1.78% of all videos that Trekzone has made.

A person would find that a place like Fan Film Factor has a higher percentage of talking about Axanar but it still isn’t majority talked about.

Axanar videos do have a higher viewer share compared to most videos but that’s the way the cookie crumbles and the highest viewed video was during the time Axanar was fighting with what is now ViacomCBS before they accepted ViacomCBS’ settlement terms.

It is interesting how people become so fascinated with view counts or subscriber totals, the eagerness to put somebody down if their view count or subscriber count isn’t good enough in their eyes, the urge to always compare as if their ego needs to be soothed by the desire for success.

A friend once told me that a person is a success if just one person takes an interest in what you do and Matt does have more than one person taking an interest so that means he is a success.

Matt has had the opportunity over the years to talk with many great Sci-Fi actors and crew members plus talking to some great scientific minds as well and that is pretty impressive.

So in two and a half weeks we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the Axanar saga, there will never be another fan production wild ride like this ever again.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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