MTM Wrap (11/11/21)

November 11 2021

So we are nine days away from Axanar restarting production once again or is it completely starting again from scratch?

It will be interesting to see how closely Axanar’s two parts follow the style of Prelude to Axanar, if it is exactly like Prelude then people are going to be really disappointed because as you know there are no bridge scenes in that short fan film.

There’s got to be a sizable chunk of bridge scenes in the short fan film otherwise it will be the greatest fan film bait and switch of all time and some of the Paul Jenkins era bridge footage was considered to be great by Alec as he said recently “hey some of it looks great the stuff on the bridge” though he added “not sure we can use it all” (Axanar Confidential #96).

Meanwhile Ares Studios is using the Klingon Trefoil for their vaccination pins that get sold online and it is really not a good idea to sell stuff as your own when it is copyrighted by somebody else, it is unlikely that ViacomCBS will do anything about it and unlikely that FanSets will lodge a complaint with ViacomCBS as FanSets does pins for the fans on ViacomCBS’ approval.

You can see how much the vaccination issue has divided people, some people have withdrawn support for Axanar because of the pins, some others don’t like the idea of profiting from anything related to covid but sales will tell the tale if people love them or hate them.

Emmett Plant and Alec Peters are still not fans of each other, Emmett is Alec’s “Go frak yourself this week” guy when he announced it on Axanar Confidential #96 (42:31).

Emmett sent some legal document to Alec a while back but it was addressed to the previous Ares Studios address, some will wonder if it will be sent back out to the new address, Alec has already received one delivery from Emmett and he thought it was funny.

Alec continues to talk about Paul Jenkins, the message is usually the same from video to video, JG Hertzler’s uniform not looking right in the green screen footage and Paul was not looking at the camera etc.

Basically if you want to know who Alec doesn’t like at a certain moment of time (they usually don’t like him back) check out The Real Truth About Axanar and you’ll see the likes of Emmett, Shawn, Carlos and Matt as well as others who may be of interest over there.

Meanwhile there is a new Captain Garth story coming in 2022 and Matt Miller over at Trekzone interviewed Darren Hann about it all in a short but informative interview.

Darren does not accept donations as he funds all his productions himself and Alec Peters has no problem with another Garth story out there which is good because anybody can tell their own story when it comes to fan films which is obvious as the Kirk and Co. story has been done several times over and nobody has died over it.

This Garth story has nothing to do with Axanar, they are not associated with Axanar and they will not be mentioning Axanar in the storyline, it is not a Garth is a can do everything hero story but rather tells the story of how Garth falls from the lofty heights he had enjoyed at Starfleet.

So that’s just some of the news in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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