Production Resumes and More

November 22 2021

Production of Axanar resumed on November 20 as previously scheduled.

There was live stream footage of what was going on in a High School film studio (not Ares Studios) as JG Hertzler and others did their scenes in front of a green screen setup.

High School’s these days are so impressive with the amount of expensive stuff put into a lot of them, it is a big leap from say twenty years ago which was right before the YouTube and Facebook era and stuff like iPhones and good Digital Cameras for the average consumer were coming in.

So viewers would of seen two video streams in operation, one was where Alec and others involved in the production would sit down in front of the Axanar/Ares Studios/Jewish Space Laser banner and talk about things from dogs to fan films to the education system while the video on the right hand side would show the production crew work on things and towards the end JG Hertzler appeared to do some work.

The two hour show ended as there were behind the scenes interviews that had to be done for the Blu-ray release of Axanar.

Meanwhile the legal battle continues between Alec and Paul (aka The Former Guy/Former Director) and it is thirteen months since the settlement happened and there is no sign of it coming to an end

The 2019 shoot and the legal battle afterwards was mentioned and if you really want to watch it is here and it goes for a couple of minutes as AP gives his version of events and mentions the RMB era without mentioning names.

At least one Axanar video was taken down in recent days and a mention of it was made in The Real Truth About Axanar with “fraud” being word of the day, whether anything close to fraud happened is best left to the experts namely lawyers who are actively in the profession.

There’s been talk about Alec’s personal life in the last week and even if he opened the door for discussion on the topic, it really shouldn’t be talked about as it is not our business to talk about it, discussion about it just gives AP cheap points.

It is a bad idea to “fat shame” him as well, it just isn’t worth it going all personal, it can be used for points scoring or be twisted etc.

So that’s some of the news going around the Axanar world at the moment as the rain pours down outside.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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