MTM Wrap (30/11/21)

November 30 2021

We’re on the cusp of entering the final month of the year and there is still a bit going on as we may enter the final year of the Axanar saga.

The Vulcan scene has been released again on YouTube which probably confuses the heck out of people who don’t know the history of that scene but the facts are that Gary Graham is no longer part of the production and neither is the credited Bill Hunt and Robert Meyer Burnett.

Fan Film Factor posted a story about Axanar for the first time in yonks, some thought that Jonathan Lane is just making his return to the Axanar circle but he has always been there just not doing his thing on everything that comes out of Axanar for example Alec vs. Paul and Alec vs. Shawn and every product release that was released between the 2019 shoot and the 2021 shoot.

Jonathan interviews Mark Edward Lewis which is a change of scenery as Alec usually gets that role.

So one of the big dramas of the week was when Emmett Plant donated to a band’s album and was given the title of Executive Producer and this album made it to No. 1 and Emmett celebrated this achievement.

Alec and company went to work on research it and published their findings on TRTAA and so people are going on about the definition of Executive Producer but the bottom line is the band offered EP (and anyone else) the EP title if they contributed a certain amount, he did and so he is an Executive Producer of a hit record by contributing funds to make the album possible.

Would it change anything in the world? Probably not but for Emmett he can just enjoy the fact that he helped a bunch of guys reach the top of the charts and he was given a great reward for his participation.

It is pretty smart for AP and company to hit back at somebody or make a statement on The Real Truth About Axanar group and not the Axanar page because if you step over whatever line Facebook has on behavior and it depends on what day it is for that and the group gets shut down then you might lose a tiny page with Axanar’s best friends on it and they’ll just reform elsewhere, no biggie.

But if the line is crossed on the Axanar page itself and it gets shut down then all those people who like the page are lost and many probably couldn’t be bothered liking a replacement page, it could be a blow.

It is a bit of a miracle that people are still standing in TRTAA and AxaMonitor’s FB group because it can get really nasty in both places as people label others some charming name.

Robert Meyer Burnett had his copy of Origins taken down by Alec who filed a Takedown order and we shall see if YouTube overturns it and if anything happens afterwards.

RMB’s latest project Tango Shalom is out now, he was a Producer and Film Editor on the film and the movie has picked up fifteen wins and thirteen nominations plus it has a rating of 6.4 on IMDb, 69% on Rotten Tomatoes and 3 out of 5 on Common Sense Media.

So in the last week Axanar fans were treated to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Axanar Confidential had its 100th episode and the 100th episode was filled with guests while the Black Friday and Thanksgiving episodes had just the one guest.

Emmett Plant gets talked about for a minute or two during the Thanksgiving one but aside from that they are your standard episodes talking about a mixture of things though it seems the High School wasn’t totally the greatest setup and changes were needed to make it good.

Take a look at the Axanar blog titles, which one is not correct?

So that’s just some of the stuff that has happened in the Axanar world in recent times.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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