MTM Wrap (14/12/21)

December 14 2021

Over the last couple of weeks, “haters” have wondered what happened to the $30,000 that was raised for Shoots 3 & 4 of the Jenkins era.

Alec Peters responded and said that $32,210 was raised in the first quarter of 2020.

It should be noted that Axanar Donors (aka Ares Digital) was taking in money for that fundraiser until at least November 2020 which is Q4 not Q1.

It was also said that “about half went to pay the money owed from when Paul went over budget by 30% for his three day shoot in October 2019, part went to both the December 2019 and March 2020 shoots, and part went to prepay expenses for future shoots.

If the October 2019 shoot cost $50,000 then AP is saying that it cost $65,000 and that doesn’t count the $20,000 that was passed off to Ares Studios for things like bridge finishing.

It has to be remembered that it wasn’t just Axanar that was being filmed as interviews and other special features were being filmed at the same time and that played a part in the total cost.

While a shoot was conducted in December 2019, it was not mentioned in the fundraiser though on Axanar’s blog it was mentioned as Axanar’s second shoot (though March 2020 is shoot #2).

The March 2020 shoot had a fundraising goal of $2,300 and it received at least $3,615 and Axanar celebrated the fundraiser meeting and surpassing the target on March 1 2020, the downside of funding not being on Kickstarter etc. is the ability to visit the final total at any time.

The March 2020 shoot seems to be the shoot that gets the highest amount of Paul Jenkins criticism and not the October 2019 shoot.

Nowhere on the Shoots 3 & 4 fundraiser page did it say that money would go to paying off past shoots.

Imagine that Paul Jenkins was not dumped from Axanar and Shoots 3 & 4 happened after covid slows its rampage through the USA, they go to use the $30,000 but the kitty is empty because the money went to the other shoots, do you think that Alec would dip into his pocket to pay for Shoots 3 & 4 or would a story be concocted to get fans to pay for the shoots again?

There’s no doubt about it that nothing seems to be set in stone regarding Axanar but at least people don’t have to worry about paying for the Burnetti/Mark Edward Lewis era. L.A. shoots this time (we hope that stays true!).

Until next time, be good to each other.


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