Bridge Scenes or No Bridge Scenes?

December 15 2021

Will there be bridge scenes in the two 15 minute Axanar parts? The answer appears to be in the yes, no and maybe columns for now.

In October 2019, Paul Jenkins was director and they filmed bridge scenes at Ares Studios for several days (before the studio moved to a new location) and that footage is part of the trailer that wowed people.

At the 38:15 mark of Jonathan Lane’s interview with Mark Edward Lewis, he asks “Do you think the bridge will be back for your other shots

Mark Edward Lewis who is the co-director of the fan film answered;

“I don’t think we have any need for bridge um the bridge will be built again no question about it Dana will be back and they’ll put it all back together uh we shot a lot of bridge stuff that is very very usable looks very good um some of it you saw in the trailer that we cut um so we may go back and shoot some things there but the bulk of it is filling in you know the actors talking about what happened and their experiences um you know we may do some reenactments kind of things that that would be what that’s for

It has to be noted that the “we shot a lot of bridge stuff” part refers to the 2019-20 Paul Jenkins era and there is a legal battle going on at the moment that may or may not allow that footage to surface.

Alec Peters on Axanar Confidential #96 said the following at the 15:24 mark

Hey some of it looks great the stuff on the bridge really like the stuff on the bridge not sure we can use it all but really like that that stuff was way better than the green screen stuff

So some of the Paul Jenkins filmed footage may end up in Axanar despite a year of people hearing AP telling viewers all about what he believed is Paul Jenkins’ inabilities when it came to directing but it doesn’t sound like they will be doing any reshoots or additional scenes with the current directing team.

It appears that Paul Jenkins directing was alright for October 2019 but when March 2020 came along they had a bad day and these things happen on all films and they tried it another time but covid and Paul’s firing sunk that.

Nothing appears to be set in stone when it comes to Axanar, maybe the Paul Jenkins stuff will be thrown in, maybe they will do all new bridge scenes, maybe it will be put in the Axanar Blu-ray as special features.

It seems that the Axanar team don’t know what they want, they seem set on replicating Prelude to Axanar but they are also aware that they had also sold fans bridge scenes so who knows what is going to happen.

The good news is that fans should not be paying any more bills though it will be interesting to see if the tins come out for post production and if people will fill them.

Until next time, be good to each other


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