MTM Wrap (9/2/22)

February 9 2022

It has been a quiet couple of weeks as Axanar’s Facebook page stopped posting on January 28.

There are suggestions that this is because of an admin ban and it stems from the AP vs. RMB battle that went on FB around the same time as Axanar’s FB page stopped posting, FB bans can last up to 30 days and they can end at any length of time between 0 and 30 days.

Things are business as usual on Twitter so if you need your Axanar post fix then that is the place to get it from until FB posts are back in operation, it is two posts a day as well.

Axanar After Dark returned today after a long absence and there was a little bit of Axanar news

was hoping to actually shoot the L.A. shoot here in January-February but we’ve kind of pushed it off and mostly because I’m waiting for the money to come in uh from from a couple asset sales and once that’s in it all gets donated to uh to Axanar and we make the next two we shoot the la shoot which is three days and then the Atlanta shoot which is one day and then we’re done with principal photography“.

Then 24:29 minutes in AP says “we’re going to be releasing Axanar later this year knock wood all goes well” and just under twenty minutes later he says “we’ve got a three-day shoot coming up in L.A. probably April-May it looks like“.

The word cruise was a popular word during the show as it was mentioned over 50 times, it probably made people want to go on a cruise themselves.

There was no chatter about the legal battle with Paul Jenkins or any descriptions of Paul such as “the former guy” or “former director”.

Fans recently marked the fifth anniversary of the passing of Richard Hatch, he is always remembered fondly by fans and this year was no exception.

Matt Miller is back to producing material on Trekzone after going up and down the Australian east coast for work purposes, he recently had Radek Bělina on Trekzone Conversation.

AxaMonitor’s FB group has discussed the latest Axanar After Dark video as well as checking out the Patreon figures for Ares Studios, the upcoming cruise, Pins, the continuing use of shots from the 2019 shoot and what the “losers” in AxaMonitor were going to be doing last weekend.

The Real Truth About Axanar talks about what those at AxaMonitor talk about, it is kind of like Ping Pong only but the other side of the net is not visible to you so you gotta go around to the other side to see what their side of the story is.

It has been reasonably quiet in the last two weeks with only the post being AxaMonitor members take on the cruise news.

Jon Tessler reported earlier that he went through three and a half years of Trollhunters logs and says “there was ONE hypothetical discussion of which hater we would shoot if we only had 1 bullet. However EVERYONE IN THE DISCUSSION, KNEW it was a fantasy discussion” and finished with “So when the “AxaMonitor crowd” claims we “talked about threatening them” it is a flat out lie.

A fantasy discussion on who to shoot is not cool, it only takes one person in a fit of anger or mental health issues to turn fantasy into reality and if that ever happens well people would feel so horrible about it for they planted the seed that sprouted death and destruction.

It has to be noted that Jon joined the group after the place had been around for a year or more and in one instance there was information that he unearthed that was disproven by Trollhunter material that posted on AxaMonitor and the date of the information was two years before Jon’s information (2017 vs. 2019) so his threats analysis could be incorrect through lack of complete information.

Only a few people currently know what is in the Trollhunters logs and people do doubt that the full logs will be released online so people can see them and know what all the fuss is about but we shall see what happens.

It’s a never ending cycle of tit for tat and there’s no doubt any casual reader would go through both groups and have their head spinning in confusion after reading it all and think that everybody has gone nuts.

Meanwhile the Alec Peters and Axanar Productions, Inc. (Plaintiff) vs. Paul Jenkins and META Studios (Defendant) is now up to docket #104 and is up to “Exhibits To Plaintiffs’ Supplemental Motion For Discovery Protective Order” this legal battle started on August 14 2020.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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