MTM Wrap (23/2/22)

February 23 2022

The Axanar FB page continues to be silent though it is expected to come back to life around February 28.

The Twitter account is running as usual with an average of two posts a day just like Axanar’s FB page when it is running at full steam.

The talk of the last week has been about the legal battle between Alec and Paul, one of Alec’s lawyers have withdrawn from proceedings and that got people talking.

It was pointed out that Alec made a big fuss of the news of Paul changing his lawyers so it is fair that a big fuss would be made in AxaMonitor about this lawyer situation.

Apparently the lawyer is no longer required at this point and left, regardless the case seems to be going on and on and that’s that until an eventual conclusion, the question is whether it is going to be concluded by a settlement or concluded by the decision of a jury..

Colin has a new nickname, it is one that won’t be repeated as I don’t see the point of the whole name calling business, it doesn’t do a damn thing except just inspire somebody to come up with another name and it just goes around and around.

In TRTAA and AxaMonitor’s FB group, it is almost the same deal, both sides say the other one amuses them, both have charming names for each other’s members, both recite psychological babble and it just goes around and around.

At the end of the day, Axanar’s completion is bouncing around 2022 and it may even spill into 2023, Ares Studios is idle with people paying a chunk of the bill and that’s it and time to time we hear about how excited Alec is about something he can’t talk about or is just excited about some future plan.

Have you ever wanted to check out the Shoots #3 and #4 fundraiser that was planned for in the Paul Jenkins era ? Now you can minus the raised figure.

You can see the first two shoot costs and the plan for the third one and the story of Axanar up to the point of time the fundraiser came along, you can see the AxaBucks plan and other things even when the story slips between first person and third person.

We still don’t know if Axanar’s bridge scenes will actually be in the two fifteen minute parts or not, it sounds like it won’t be we just don’t know for sure.

Lastly Tiana Armstrong is celebrating because The Movie Prop Experience has opened in Las Vegas, lucky people in Vegas getting to see a nice array of props that helped made the movies the props belonged to wonderful.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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