MTM Wrap (9/3/22)

March 9 2022

Axanar’s Facebook silence has continued on as a month has passed since the last post, it is still business as usual on Twitter with an average two posts per day usually for selling merchandise.

There has been an increase in Anti-Axanar tweets over the course of the two weeks after a lull in activity, this was no doubt because of the Star Trek Cruise that was going on.

There’s been a lot of chatter about the Star Trek Cruise and who was on it and who was not on it and why they weren’t on the boat, we may or may never find out about the outcome of it all.

An Axanar cast member came out to bat for Alec this week on Twitter which is highly unusual as usually it is the five or so people on The Real Truth About Axanar that do the defending.

You know that you’ve gotten under somebody’s skin when they call you things like champ, buddy or pal, they used to be friendly terms but now they are mostly used if somebody is upset with you.

Axanar/Ares videos have returned to YouTube and there is news, the court case between Alec and Paul continues on with Alec’s computer and phone being examined, luckily for Alec he has a computer from the OWC days to use.

The Ares Bridge will be put back together on the 19th after being in pieces for several months, Axanar is expected to be released this year and Alec says “we’ve got two(or too?) so many huge projects that we’re excited about“.

Even if the bridge is reassembled there appears to be nothing planned for the set when it comes to Axanar as Alec has only talked about Atlanta and Los Angeles unless somebody like Josh Irwin uses it.

Current discussion on AxaMonitor’s FB group is about the “Non Disparagement” section of the agreement between Alec, his company and what is now ViacomCBS, that discussion has Daniel, Chris and Colin starring at the moment.

There’s been little digs at CBS and it is wondered by a couple of people if those little digs by AP break the agreement or not, it probably doesn’t matter because ViacomCBS doesn’t seem very interested in making sure the agreement if followed to the very last letter.

Today’s phrase that I’ve never heard before but have thanks to AxaMonitor I have is “hoisted by his own petard“. and the meaning is the following;

Aside from historical references to siege warfare, and occasional contemporary references to fireworks, petard is almost always encountered in variations of the phrase “hoist with one’s own petard,” meaning “victimized or hurt by one’s own scheme.”

Brought to you by Axanar and/or Ares Studios.

The “Go Frak Yourself Award For Exceptional Dickery” may make a comeback in the near future, nobody is jumping up and down to get the award but it may be useful in the future depending on who gets it and they do about it.

So it seems Axanar is coming out of hibernation which means plenty will be said and picked apart and things may get nasty because people get all fired up and sometimes the hands type thoughts that should not be said and becomes regretful when the brain catches up.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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