MTM Wrap (19/3/22)

March 16 2022

Axanar’s FB page is back to doing regular posts featuring Ares Studios products and photos from the Ares Bridge which will be put back together soon after almost 300 days in pieces.

The saga that started at Atlanta last year when Alec Peters and Shawn O’Halloran met face to face and went pear shaped appears to be over as the Assault case against Alec was dismissed, this news was delivered to AxaMonitor’s FB group on March 16.

Also on that date was a blog entry on the Axanar website credited to “Axanar Staff” with their take on the events that had taken place in court, it will no doubt be looked at if anyone at AxaMonitor’s FB group sees it.

Meanwhile the Alec Peters and Axanar Productions vs. Paul Jenkins and Meta Studios
LLC battle continues on and there is the possibility that things may be coming to an end, below is from “PLAINTIFFS’ OPPOSITION TO APPOINTMENT OF SPECIAL MASTER
” which was filed on March 7 2022.

Plaintiff is Alec Peters and Axanar Productions and Defendant is Paul Jenkins and Meta Studios

Plaintiffs have already incurred over $200,000 in legal fees which they are unable to
pay. Plaintiffs also expect to incur significant additional costs in the immediate future
conducting forensic document production and do not have sufficient financial resources available or assured to commit to paying significant Special Master fees in the coming months.

Defendants’ oppressive litigation conduct as explained in the pending motions has caused
Defendants to incur attorneys’ fees way out of proportion to the sunk costs. While Plaintiffs’
claims are meritorious and were brought in good faith, it simply makes no financial sense for
either side to continue pouring time and expenses into this matter.

Plaintiffs have therefore offered to give Mr. Jenkins what he originally wanted, which is abandonment of the co-written screenplay without recovery of the costs sunk into the project. In addition, Plaintiffs have offered to dismiss their claims with prejudice if Defendants will do the same, so the parties can stop pursuing this litigation and go their separate ways. To date, Defendants have made no offer to resolve the case, which appears to have devolved into a personal vendetta involving extreme personal animosity and related conduct as described in the pending motions.

Paul Jenkins legal team received documents and links on March 15 and these included bank statements, YouTube links to Axanar Productions/Ares Studios shows that went private, a Discord link and an offer to have “physical access to the binders containing hard-copy receipts at a mutually convenience (convenient) time and place.”

The USS Ares bridge set is being put back together at Ares Studios after almost 300 days in pieces and while this may excite Axanar fans there is the possibility that no further scenes will be shot on that set and there’s a chance that none of the previously shot bridge scenes will be in the fan film itself.

Axanar is still anticipated to be released this year assuming that all the shoots happen when they are scheduled and then it comes down to Post Production to bring it on home and finally the Axanar saga comes to an end and it should never have gotten this wild.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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