MTM Wrap (5/4/22)

April 5 2022

It has been a chaotic week and a bit in the Axanar world.

The legal war between AP and PJ continues on but there are twists and the twist is that AP’s lawyer wants to jump ship citing “conflict of interest between the counsel and clients” and “Clients’ inability to pay attorney’s fees” and it turns out the other lawyer who left a couple of months ago did so because of a letter regarding “Abusive litigation” which is something I’ve never heard before but it turns out to be this in Georgia;

Code § 51-7-81. Any person who takes an active part in the initiation, continuation, or procurement of civil proceedings against another shall be liable for abusive litigation if such person acts: (1) With malice; and (2) Without substantial justification.

They might have to change that term because abusive litigation letter sounds like they were sent an abusive letter about litigation.

The original report on The Real Truth About Axanar was “one of the co-counsels who is no longer required at this point is leaving”, there’s a big difference between no longer being required and getting a Abusive Litigation letter.

How was all this found out? Anybody online can find a court case in Georgia and pay to receive a copy of what is going on and that’s what happened and the motions were there and the exhibits.

These recent events meant that Trekzone made a special episode to talk about what had happened and the person Matt talked to is none other than Carlos Pedraza who has reappeared to give his take on events and tell everybody what everything means.

Yep Carlos is alive and well, you don’t see him on AxaMonitor’s FB group often these days and so those who are Carlos fans will revel in the fact he’s on the show.

It seemed not too long ago that Paul Jenkins was reportedly being pummeled in court and now the tables have turned in Paul’s favor and he may not be in a generous mood when it comes to discussing any terms.

One thing that is certain is that the court case has gone beyond what Alec Peters and Axanar Productions anticipated and their hopes for financial gain from the defendants are over.

Meanwhile Axanar’s FB page continues to post pictures of the bridge being put back together at Ares Studios, nobody knows if it is being put back together for Axanar, being put back together for Josh Irwin’s future fan film or put back together anything else that comes in the future.

Axanar should be ok as money for future shoots is reportedly tucked away, filming could be taking place this month, May and June though the big question is whether they’ll be releasing in 2022 or will it be early 2023.

Ares Productions Inc. has a leadership change with Alec Peters out as CEO, CFO and Secretary and Crysstal Hubbard is in all three positions, this change is believed to be on paper only as Alec is expected to still call the shots.

One interesting thing about The Real Truth About Axanar and AxaMonitor’s FB group is that you are far more likely to have what you posted allowed at AxaMonitor than at TRTAA.

People may get hot headed at AxaMonitor and sometimes the jokes get stupid but you do get to say what you want to say just don’t delete anything.

TRTAA has one advantage and that is that somebody will say something on there and it will be picked up by AxaMonitor’s FB group and a lot of the regulars race to jump onto the mocking wagon and the stories about attorneys and all the rest slip out the back door and out of the eyes of the public.

How long are people going to remember the attorney and money issues? Not long if it ends up swept aside for comedy hour because most people don’t have the desire to go digging around a group page etc. for information, they want it as close at hand as possible.

An attempt was made at TRTAA to mock Paul Jenkins’ META Studios during the geekykool saga that occurred a few weeks ago.

“I noticed that nobody over there has mentioned that Paul Jenkins “lovely” studio website has been “parked” by GoDaddy, the Facebook page is gone, IG hasn’t been updated in close to 2 years, nothing on YT in five months, I mean its like META Studios is “vaporware”.

Oh how the “mighty” have fallen

Well the truth is that META Studios is now Meta X Studios and their new website is functioning and there is plenty on offer, so Paul’s efforts are far from vaporware therefore the mocking was pretty much wasted time.

Lastly Reece Watkins claims in TRTAA that “Once the Jenkins libel suit is tried or settled, then production can resume” it is unknown whether this is true as Axanar has a production slate starting this month and it didn’t come from AP himself.

So that’s the big news of the last fortnight, who knows how long the battle will go on for, who knows what the outcome will be, will we even get told what the outcome is should a settlement happen? Will Axanar even be finished? I think so but quite a few aren’t convinced.

Until next time, Be good to each other.


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