MTM Wrap (21/4/22)

April 21 2022

There are less than ten days of April left and there is no sign of Axanar filming this month as was proclaimed on the March 23 video but the big question is whether filming will be happening in May as shooting in May has been talked up for some time now.

The Prelude to Axanar trailer has been uploaded to the Ares Studios channel, the video was then shared on Axanar’s FB page and at least five comments have already been wiped, they don’t seem to like criticism or questioning over at Axanar.

A reminder that the Axanar short fan film will only have two of the Prelude to Axanar cast in it.

The legal battle continues on between Alec and Paul, who knows how it is going to end but one thing for certain is that it definitely won’t be an all smiles ending.

Ares Studios released a new video showing what is going on over there in Georgia, there is no word on whether the set will get a work out from Axanar Productions.

There’s confusion over filming schedules as it was claimed on TRTAA that there is one day of shooting in L.A. before Post Production.

The trouble is that Alec said there be filming in March, April and May in a video on March 23 and there previously were stated plans for shooting in Atlanta and L.A. with the examples “the next two Axanar film shoots, which will take place in Los Angeles and in Atlanta” (January 2022) and “planning has begun for the 3 day Los Angeles shoot which will most likely happen in early May” (February 2022).

The word in TRTAA from Alec himself is

Pay attention. We have a 3 day shoot, but considered doing a one day shoot for actor scheduling first, then a two day shoot.

Follow this… 1 + 2 = 3. Got it Einstein?

Charming talk.

J.G. Hertzler is unhappy that he is appearing in the parody movie posters and asked for Marcus Blazingstoke to desist, the answer was no.

Nobody seems to know who Marcus is and the majority of us who watch proceedings won’t ever know.

The Trekzone Fan Film Awards was announced a couple of days ago and is coming up in June and I am picking the fan films that win the many categories on offer and it isn’t easy because there’s some great VFX and a great range of stories, a good mix of heroes and villains and more.

Will it be a fair Fan Film Awards? Absolutely and fan film makers don’t have to do anything to enter, fan films between April 16 2021 and April 16 2022 will be watched and decisions are made and hopefully people like the decisions.

Lastly TrekCulture has named Axanar at No. 1 in the 10 Biggest (And Weirdest) Lawsuits In Star Trek History in a YouTube video that has gotten attention for both the right and wrong reasons from typos to outdated information.

Though TrekCulture did remind viewers about the delayed two-hour Axanar audio drama that was scheduled for a 2021 release before illness to Dana delayed it.

So that’s the news that’s going around at the moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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