Axanar’s L.A. Shoot Postponed

April 26 2022

Alec Peters announced on the weekend that the L.A. shoot has been postponed and there is no new filming month set.

The postponement is likely due to personal reasons.

The plan back in March was for shooting in April, May and June but now that is scrapped, Axanar may be heading for a 2023 release if it encounters long delays this year.

The Axanar After Dark video where the postponement were discussed has been deleted or made private so you cannot hear it for yourself but it is possible it will be re-uploaded elsewhere.

Axanar also had big news that couldn’t really be talked about, it appears it was about casting because it is basically said that AxaMonitor members like to go and contact cast members to try get them away from Axanar.

Fans can see a new update on Ares Studios, there is some nice looking stuff on the walls but with the amount of reasonably expensive stuff on the walls patrons may be wondering why on earth are they asked to foot the rent and utilities bill every month especially when no filming has taken place in the current location since its opening unless you could the progress videos.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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