MTM Wrap (8/5/22)

May 8 2022

What a crazy week it has been, there has been a lot to go through, there’s been sadness, there’s been joy, there’s been stressful moments but a new week is here.

As the few people who read this know, I am the person who chose all the fan films for the Trekzone Fan Film Awards, I am the person who came up with the awards to see if I could take on such a challenge and Matt liked what he saw and wanted to bring it to life.

I also insisted that there would be no fees, my belief is that since fan films are made for the public to enjoy for free and they cannot make money from them, we should not be making any money from the fan films.

The idea of picking Interlude in categories was the hope that animosity could be put aside for one day to honour a fan film that did good work in various fields but it wasn’t to be, politics had to come into play.

Interlude was never set up for failure and the Best Deleted Actor category was a joke because we have a sense of humor besides Paul Jenkins did a good job and it is a shame the issues between Alec and Paul spread out to include Jonathan.

The award was nixed anyway because of what is going on above.

The fighting that went on Facebook was saddening, it should never have gotten that far, a simple message from Jonathan to Matt most likely would of sufficed, Interlude would have been withdrawn from consideration, replacement nominations would have been inserted and that’s it.

Instead we got a bunch of people being nasty over who does work, who lives where, what money is made and so on and so forth followed by a blog entry that explained the withdrawal which wasn’t really needed but was done anyway.

Buttons were pushed, tempers were frayed and there were moments that at least one person would feel ashamed about and it all wasn’t needed.

Some fan films have missed out on nominations and awards, it was not easy to leave people out, because when you got over 20 fan films to consider and there’s four nominations per category it is hard to fit them all in and if we give everybody nominations and awarded everybody people would think that we’re typical Millennials who award everybody for just turning up.

Not all movies get nomination for an Oscar and not every song gets nominated for a Grammy, it is the facts of the entertainment world unfortunately but don’t forget there are other fan film awards so there’s a good chance the love is spread around.

We got through the turbulence and the awards are going to happen and I got every confidence that Matt will put on a great show and the winners and nominees will be very happy and the viewers will enjoy the show.

Planning for 2023 has already begun, three fan films are already jotted down to remember to watch in April 2023.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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