My job is done for 2022

We’re getting closer to the Trekzone Fan Film Awards and my part of the awards is done, watching and then cutting down the many fan films on offer to four choices per category and then picking the winners part.

The Interlude drama threw a spanner into the works and a perfect storm erupted and the storm is still rumbling overhead, but everything will be ok.

Will people agree with all of my choices? Not likely because people will have different visions of what they think is the best in a certain category but that’s no different to people thinking some film should have gotten the Best Picture Oscar instead of the one that got the honour, it happens every year.

Some things went perfect in awards preparation and some things did not, that’s to be expected because you don’t know how good or bad things will be until you try it out and some methods worked and some did not and this is year one and not everything goes right on the first go.

Everybody who is in mind for a nomination or win in 2023 will get asked if they are cool with it just so there are no nasty surprises or rapid changes needing to be made which will keep stress down to a minimum.

Politics will be avoided as best as possible but there will always be some animosity somewhere as there are so many personal connections in the fan film world but hopefully it can be put away for a day in 2023.

2023 preparations are underway and that is just jotting down all the fan films and links and hoping nobody is accidentally forgotten otherwise people may not be happy about that.

So sit back, continue to watch the latest on Trekzone and June will be a great month and there is more to come.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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