MTM Wrap (17/5/22)

May 17 2022

Axanar fans got a new update and as mentioned before the L.A. Shoot has been delayed but Team Axanar/Ares Studios will be at some conventions starting with Megacon Orlando (don’t go bothering them).

The L.A. shoot reschedule was “I don’t know when we will be shooting” on May 2 but it appears the shoot schedule is now “I’m hoping we’re going to get this shoot done in July and August” and then they have a one day shoot in Atlanta.

Nobody knows if that’s the school in Atlanta (or near it) or Ares Studios which is outside of Atlanta by about half an hours drive.

A major Visual Effects house is apparently doing the work on the two 15 minute parts, nobody knows who they are but there’s the feeling the AxaMonitor contacting them fear that gets whipped out every now and then may be used.

Axanar is on schedule to finish this year according to AP but it may just mean Axanar will be coming out in 2023 and the long and winding odyssey will come to an end.

Apparently some of the convention people have been contacted about Axanar but such things rarely work and all it probably does is give AP fodder for the thought that AxaMonitor’s FB group are filled with dangerous people etc.

Personally I don’t think it is a good idea to contact conventions about Axanar and its players but we all live in a Democracy and just remember that there are consequences to actions if you do contact them.

Meanwhile there was one video reaction made in regards to the update and apparently Steve the person who made it was contacted in the past by AP regarding his thoughts and Steve asked in this video for AP not to contact him.

Will AP contact Steve again? Probably not, AP and others like to only like to do things once and move on, they don’t hang around for seconds or stick around to be challenged.

Meanwhile Ares Studios has released a shortened version of The Gathering Storm teaser and it appears that people actually believe that this is new footage but it is 2019 material mixed in with other replayed material, the very stuff that was declared not up to Axanar standard.

Meanwhile Matt Miller is doing his bit for the Trekzone Fan Film Awards, he has a bunch of University (College) students all ready to go and make the awards a great spectacle with what is at hand.

That’s the news as it stands at the moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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