MTM Wrap (19/8/22)

2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards winner Josh Irwin has received his prize pack and naturally the packet of Tim Tams were swooped on, Meanwhile Josh’s upcoming production Crisis On Infinite Excaliburs: A Star Trek Fan Film has passed the 40% funded milestone.

Doomsday star Matthew Ezell has also received his prize pack and looked very happy with it all which is great to see, no doubt that his packet of Tim Tams will meet the same fate as Josh’s one in a short timespan.

The Rift continues to pick up views, it has recorded 2,100+ views since we reported on the fan film in our last edition so it is over 5,000 views.

The Icarus Incident continues to do solid business with the fan film passing the 10,000 view milestone which is always great to see happen.

Farragut Forward is continuing to go forward with set construction taking place in Arlington, Virginia, work on the uniforms is also progressing nicely and we will continue to update readers on the progress of the fan film.

Mudd’s Mission has passed 1,000 views which is great news for The Federation Files gang who make excellent fan films, news about the fan production is also a popular viewing subject on Trekzone.

The latest from Constar Chronicles is called Dive and it does have two of the Prelude to Axanar cast in Alec Peters and Steve Jepson, Dive runs for almost twenty minutes.

Congratulations go out to Aaron Vanderkley and the cast and crew of Beyond the Sun as the fan film recently passed 50,000 views.

Matt Miller’s interview with Sam Cockings is out now and there is plenty of new information regarding Sam’s activities in the fan film world, he is pretty much everywhere so there is no shortage of topics to talk about in the fan film world.

That’s the fan film news of the week, until next time, be good to each other.

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