MTM Wrap (26/8/22)

Crisis On Infinite Excaliburs: A Star Trek Fan Film is now 45% funded, a gain of 3% from last weeks total of 42%.

A bit of fireworks has been going off at Axanar/Ares Studios this week with Alec Peters strongly disagreeing with Bill Hunt and Robert Meyer Burnett’s version of events when it comes to the Axanar feature length script.

The disagreement started with comments by the latter two about the script book that Ares Studios is fundraising for/selling on Kickstarter as it contains the Axanar script that reportedly would have been used if the Axanar team weren’t sued by what is now ViacomCBS.

This prompted Alec Peters to post a blog entry with his side of the story and it has only just recently been noticed by those at places like AxaMonitor so this story is still heating up.

A post on AxaMonitor indicated that they would be having a panel at the convention in Las Vegas but while it was written seemingly seriously it turned out to be a joke.

The Rift continues to be doing strong business with the total of views passing 7,200 and hopefully soon we’ll be reporting that it has passed 10,000.

Farragut Forward continues to make excellent progress in set construction and uniform making and it’s Indiegogo campaign has almost raised $50,000 AUD which is within the guidelines as the Fan Film Guidelines cap is based on the USD not AUD.

The Icarus Incident is on the cusp of recording 13,000 views and when Trekzone does it’s weekly reporting of fan film news it will definitely be past 13,000 and will be happily reported.

Outraged has reached the 15,000 view milestone, Outraged was nominated in the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards.

Borg Hunters is just a couple of hundred views away from reaching the 10,000 view milestone and we hope it gets there soon so we can all celebrate the achievement.

Loreley has released a teaser trailer of their upcoming release “Monster”, Loreley of course released the successful fan film “Taking Command” which resulted in being nominated at the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards.

The latest from Constar Chronicles is “Mental Jewelry” and that fan film was released earlier this week.

Nick Cook recorded the arrival and unpacking of his Trekzone Fan Film Awards Prize Pack and everybody is pleased that it arrived intact and that Nick (and family) enjoyed it.

That’s this edition of MTM Wrap for this week.

Until next week, be good to each other.


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