MTM Wrap (2/9/22)

Crisis On Infinite Excaliburs: A Star Trek Fan Film is now 46% funded but it has slowed down greatly which may be due to people throwing their money down on the Axanar script book instead.

Ares Studios’ Axanar script book fundraiser was suspended by Kickstarter and the campaign has moved on to the Axanar site.

Axanar haters are blamed for the suspension of the campaign that was almost 300% funded, people generally aren’t haters of the Axanar concept but instead dislike the person who runs the show mostly for personal reasons.

The Rift continues to be doing strong business with the total of views passing 8,200 and it is expected to reach 10,000 views in approximately two weeks time.

Farragut Forward continues to make progress with their latest update showing the making of Sickbay Stools and Uniform Shoulder Boards and it looks like October will be the month that filming starts for this well awaited production.

The Icarus Incident was on the cusp of reaching 13,000 views last week and it has now reached 15,000 views so it is continuing to do solid business.

Borg Hunters is just a half dozen views away from reaching the 10,000 view milestone and we look forward celebrating the achievement next week.

Loreley’s teaser trailer of their upcoming release “Monster” is approaching 400 views and hopefully it will increase over time as word spreads about it.

Loreley’s previous effort “Taking Command” is only a few hundred views away from reaching 10,000 views, a fantastic achievement.

Potemkin Pictures in the near future will be showing the unpacking of their 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards Prize Pack, hopefully they will enjoy what they unpack and will be eager and hungry to be part of the fun again in 2023.

War Targ has passed 10,000 views, this was achieved in under three months.

Trekzone will be celebrating Star Trek Day and the celebrations will continue into September 9 (September 8 for some parts of the world) with the uploading of a chat with several fan film makers.

Trekzone uploaded a new video in which Matt talks to Larry Nemecek, this is the start of a series of videos that were recorded in Vegas with Matt conducting the interviews from Australia.

Coming up on September 8 is the Showrunner Awards, these awards celebrate the efforts of Star Trek fan films and are eagerly awaited by fan film makers and fans.

That’s this edition of MTM Wrap for this week.

Until next week, be good to each other.


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