MTM Wrap (9/9/22)

Star Trek Day is continuing to be celebrated around the world today as it is still September 8 in parts of the world.

Fans got to see what is coming up like Prodigy is returning on October 27 and Picard is returning on February 16th 2023.

Fans also got to hear from the stars themselves though some Star Trek fans believe that Star Trek Day is like “a desperate pitch to find dumb investors” and that Paramount Global (formerly ViacomCBS) hates fans of everything before Discovery.

The Showrunner Awards winners were announced and Squadron were the big winners taking home ten awards followed by Interlude with nine while thirteen other fan film productions won awards as well.

A preview clip of Star Trek: Unity’s “Empires at War” is now available to view on YouTube, we find out that the USS Odyssey is in this production and there’s the Borg and the Romulans in the story as well.

Recently uploaded on YouTube is the 1992 fan film Star Trek: The Wrath of Neener, it is a good look at how fan films were done in the 90’s before fan films headed towards professionalism and it shows that kids can be really resourceful too.

Part 1 of Pacific 201 is on the verge of reaching 600,000 views while Part 2 has some catching up to do with a current view total of 225,000 though that total is still very impressive.

Approaching 25,000 views is Ambush, this fan film has one of the best ground combat scenes in Star Trek fan film history.

Mudd’s Mission is on the cusp of reaching 3,000 views and it is picking up viewers at a faster rate.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Animated Series now has over 500,000 views and Star Trek: Voyager: The Animated Series is approaching 400,000 views.

Yorktown: A Time To Heal has reached two thirds of the way to 100,000 views with the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards winner passing 66,666 views.

The Axanar Script Book is clawing back donors after being booted from Kickstarter, they reportedly have had half their donors so far pledge again despite doubts about site security.

That’s some of the many things that are going on in the Star Trek world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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