MTM Wrap (16/9/22)

Avalon’s fundraising efforts for Crisis On Infinite Excaliburs received two massive donations to push the total to 80% funded, this is good news for the production as donations were slowing in previous weeks.

Farragut Forward has posted a new update in which they showed backers and fans a test fitting of corridors and they still got plenty to do as the installation of carpet, putting in the detailing, the signage and FX lighting tests need to be carried out before planned filming starts on Columbus Day.

“A Fighting Chance” the prequel to “Razor’s Edge” is due to be released at the end of this year by A Nature’s Hunger Productions.

“Razor’s Edge” has almost 15,000 views and it is also known for being an hour in length which is something you don’t see every day in this guideline era of thirty minutes or less.

Sam Cockings, Alexa Brown and Nick Cook were busy last weekend working on another collaboration, the writer of this new production is Sam and they hope to have the new production out for people to view in 2023.

The new Starship Caliborn adventure “Death Sentence” is out now and it has passed 1000 views in its first week online, this number is expected rise significantly.

Be aware that if you say something considered bad about Axanar on social media you might get a personal message from AP calling you an a**hole.

That’s the news for today.

Until next time, be good to each other.

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