MTM Wrap (23/9/22)

September 23 2022

Potemkin Pictures recently got a boost with a sizeable donation of props which will go well with future efforts by the highly regarded fan film makers.

The Starship Caliborn cast and crew tried out Vegemite this week and some members have a lot of guts by attempting to have a large amount of the raw spread which is a very bad idea as everybody should have a healthy portion of butter or margarine.

Axanar tried to get the attention of AxaMonitor with a new blog entry on the subject of debunking lies, this blog targeted Shawn O’Halloran, Robert Meyer Burnett and John Van Citters plus described AxaMonitor as a hate group.

Nobody on AxaMonitor’s FB page has so far posted or responded to the blog though it must be said here that nobody was tried or found guilty of the charge of stalking in a court of law regarding Alec Peters and the Axanar shooting count appears to include Paul Jenkins’ contributions despite his work being frequently ridiculed by Axanar.

It’s also interesting that these blog entries aren’t shared with the 70,000 plus people who like Axanar’s FB page so the majority of people don’t see this debunking lies effort.

Avalon’s upcoming project is now fully funded plus extra and it was said in an Ares Studios email this week that Avalon now has closer ties to Axanar with Avalon now being called an “Axanar “sister” series” with Josh Irwin also working on Axanar material.

Project Runabout’s “Yorktown” is now slightly more than three quarters of the way to 10,000 views and we hope that they get there in the not too distant future.

“Doomsday” is just over 500 views away from reaching 100,000 views which will be a fantastic achievement by the 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards winning production.

Star Trek Continues first episode “Pilgrim of Eternity” is just under 36,000 views away from cracking the three million view milestone which shows just how popular the fan series was despite their controversial lead actor.

That’s the news for this week, MTM will be back next week with more news.

Until next time, be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “MTM Wrap (23/9/22)

  1. Thanks much for these briefings. I’m intrigued that another competent content producer is said to be in association of some sort with Axanar Productions.

    Maybe Mr Irwin can help the shorts along, although the experience of Paul Jenkins provides a cautionary tale equivalent to Red Alert. Watching at a distance, I would be surprised and impressed if Axanar Producdtions had the financial resources to finish and publish both shorts sometime before I retire (scheduled for 2027).

    As an Avalon fan and backer, though, I’m impressed now at the success of Avalon’s IGG and look forward to Crisis on Infinite Excaliburs.


    1. Avalon had some people willing to throw the big bucks (four figure sums each) at it to get it over the line otherwise it would be still struggling at around 55% or so because it was all but dead in the water.

      It’s crazy to spend that amount of money in this economy, one that is forecast to be even gloomier but compared to Axanar you’re guaranteed to get your moneys worth in product with Avalon in a short amount of time with little to no theatrics.

      Avalon aligned with Axanar does have benefits such as the possibility of having access to 100,000 YouTube subscribers and 70,000 FB likes on the Axanar channel and page.

      Check out the big view count difference between Interlude on Axanar and Interlude on Avalon, it proves Axanar has a lot of pull so content producers would feel compelled to beat a path to Axanar’s door to be seen and heard by more people.

      Axanar can find money any time it wants, we’ve seen time and time again people jumping at anything they are selling no matter about the million delays or contradictory statements, the same videos being put up again and again or the same old statement of being “excited” every update.

      Why spend your money doing something when people are willing to pay for the amount for you especially when fan films are supposed to rake in no money.

      Axanar could be done in a relatively short order but they want to hit a homer, to be remembered as the little guys smacking Paramount Global around so they want to have more professionals than the average production and spend more in a bid to be hoisted on to the shoulders of fans and carried off in jubilation (some think through the opened gates of Paramount Pictures).


      1. Without doubt, Axanar’s core fans seem agreeable to funding a stream of different ventures from maybe $10K to $15K. One of these days, we’ll have to take a look backwards and see how many of the ventures produce perks for Jewish space lasers or books of an Axanar film script or a DVD about the Making of Axanar or whatever.

        Filming on the West Coast plus GA, post expenses, etc, would be closer, I would guess, to $60 to $100K, especially if they still hold out hope of making some Grand Ultimate Trek Fan Film. This sum in a relatively constricted amount of time might be the straw that would break the Ponzi-esque series of $10K fundings. But who knows? If we’re still watching in a year or two, I guess we’ll know if that happened.

        The top-heavy nature of Avalon’s success is interesting (5 large donors gave so far $6500 out of the roughly $9300) but I think Farragut Forward also had a couple of donors who covered maybe half of the cost.

        I can’t type for the other 4, but I’m an agreeable Avalon backer because of the quality of the films (IMHO) and the fact that Mr Irwin gets them done, despite some interesting adventures in human psychology among occasional team members. My financial position tends to be somewhat stable (= conservative; I don’t do market speculation) so I tend to indulge in Trek fan films as a hobby.


      2. I wish that Axanar would hurry up and either fall over or be made, rarely (if ever) has a fan film had so many self inflicted problems and I laugh when AP says that certain people tried to make a name for themselves because post settlement there is no name to make unless you want to be called the director of the fan film version of Chinese Democracy or Duke Nukem Forever, people like Paul Jenkins already made a name for themselves and continue to do so, so Axanar would not have improved things for them.

        I’m sure that Axanar promised a couple of months back that there would be no more fundraising for Axanar but we’ll see if there’s any more cap in hand situations when it comes to the big shoot in L.A any month now.

        We don’t even know if there are bridge scenes in Axanar, there is a possibility as “Atlanta” is a filming destination but we don’t know if that’s the school location or the Ares Studios location which actually isn’t in Atlanta, it’s about 30 minutes drive away but then there is the possibility they’ll run the gauntlet and stick in Paul’s stuff.

        Personally I think the bridge scenes of Paul’s weren’t a problem, it was the green screen stuff later on that was considered bad and everything he done is just lumped together for ease of expression because fully slagging a person’s work is better than a half slag.

        It is interesting all the personnel changes that Avalon have gone through in the last 18 months, some pretty talented people have left but they’ll never be short of PR that’s for sure and they’ll do fine as long as they don’t follow Axanar too closely.

        Big spenders are a necessity nowadays because the market for fan films has changed, there’s no big stars (at least there shouldn’t be) or big length films to make the masses spend and spend big so without the four figure people, the fan film scene would be way smaller and there be a heck of a lot less to write every week.


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