MTM Wrap (26/11/22)

After a couple of quiet weeks, the Star Trek fan film world suddenly became a hive of activity in the last few days.

“Chaos at The Neutral Zone” was released starring the very popular Emma Thorne and the fan film has racked up just over 7,000 views in just under two days.

“Resistance” was released by Aaron Vanderkley late yesterday and it is already into the four figure range with that total expected to quickly rise as word of its release spreads.

Axanar fans have seen a couple of live streams done around Black Friday and Thanksgiving, their latest update has filming set for late January while the L.A. shoots have been delayed.

No Axanar report would be complete without a dig at Paul Jenkins without mentioning him by name (though it’s obvious) with the report saying “a director more interested in advancing his film career than giving fans what they want, and his inexperienced “producer” partner”.

There was also the obligatory comment about CBS and/or Paramount along with a reminder of the fate of the feature film by saying that there will be an “entire battle scene from the feature film that CBS/Paramount doesn’t want you to see!

Ted Brunetti is still considered “our amazing new director” at Axanar though he has been the director for a couple of years now, his job is to direct performances.

Hopefully 2023 is the end of the Axanar saga but until then it is still the wildest fan production going around as it makes its way down the production line.

That’s the news for this week.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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